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The Ultimate Solution for your Tissue Array Data Management

Tissue Array analysis produces large quantities of images and analytic data such as annotations of quantitative imaging data.
Accessing these data is essential for processing them to establish correlations between clinical and biological data on the one hand and the tissue array data on the other.
Storage of these data on solid supports as CD-ROM, DVD or external hard drive is not compatible with direct access to data and does not facilitate data processing.
To resolve these issues, ALPHELYS has developed TISALYS®, an ultra-specialized, ultra-performing data base for archiving, reviewing and processing images and data generated during analysis of your tissue arrays.
With the introduction of TISALYS®, ALPHELYS now offers you the only truly perfect and integrated solution in the world for your Tissue Array projects from specimen selection with ALPHELYS BioBanking database CRESALYS®, tissue array design with TMADesigner®, construction of your tissue arrays on a manual arrayer equipped with MTABooster® or with the new ALPHELYS proprietary tissue arrayer MiniCore®, through tissue array analysis with the famous Spot Browser® automated system to the archiving and processing of tissue array data with the TISALYS® dedicated database.

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Storage flexibility and power for your tissue arrays images and data
TISALYS® offers a large capacity storage environment for your tissue array data. Your capability for handling large volume of tissue array data is no longer limited.
Do not compromise any more and save your images together with their data for optimized application of your results.
TISALYS® allows you to archive Spot Browser® studies with an automated import routine for every day seamless use
NEW ! TISALYS® allows now to import tissue arrays slides analysis that have been performed manually, without any software assistance with, by example, manual capture of spot images and input of annotations into an Excel spreadsheet. With this new feature TISALYS® can be used by any person involved in TMA analysis and data processing, even with a tight budget.

An interface module can be supplied on demand for the purpose of importing studies carried out using other supplier imaging systems.

TISALYS® allows you to store:
•  Spot images
•  TMA slide previews
•  Patient data, animal data, experimental data and also allows data from commercial TMA slides as well as locally produced TMA slides to be processed.

You can set the resolution of images archived in TISALYS® according to your storage strategy requirements.

When importing, TISALYS® automatically recognizes types of data already existing into the data base and proposes the correspondance for the current importation. In the absence of these data, TISALYS® proposes the automatic creation of a host field with the correct field format that is also detected from the import file analysis. User can anyhow modify import parameters at any time.

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Import Patient data

TISALYS® allows you to import as easily additional data for Patient, slide, TMA block and spot to increase analysis potential of your tissue array data base.

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An unlimited flexibility

TISALYS® allows to create new fields upon your needs, whatever data they are containing and associated to the Patient, spot, slide or TMA block.

You can also define various formats for the fields and display it along your preferences at your interface.

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Your results are more efficiently processed thanks to a centralized shared access

TISALYS® is a data base that can be utilized either in local - accessing to a single computer - or in network mode. In the way, TISALYS® allows tissue array data to be viewed by multiple users accessing TISALYS® through remote networked computers either from the same institute or through the internet.
Thus, TISALYS® provides a centralized and simple access to your data to all your colleagues. This enables you to easily distribute tasks and increase your project team's achievement potential, through various persons and sites by means of collaboration, for instance.
TISALYS® is available in French or English with instant interface translation.

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Enhanced protection for your sensitive data

TISALYS® provides a totally secure environment based on a user profile management by user name and password. You can restrict or open access to your images and data, or, alternately grant look-up or modification rights on a user by user basis.
TISALYS® can also manage access to confidential data when you are working with patients.
TISALYS® includes a comprehensive data traceability audit trail.
Thanks to this data base environment, your tissue array images and data are more secure against accidental destruction. A daily centralized back-up procedure allows you to easily create back-up copies.

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Search, review, annotate and modify your results

With TISALYS®, you can access any of your results, data or images. You can search and query slides, spots, TMA blocks.on different data.
Depending on your needs, you can create new data fields of various formats (free entry, drop-down list, numbers.) to annotate your spots or you can add new data to existing data. Annotations can be linked to spots, slides, TMA block or to the patient. Annotations produced with Spot Browser® and imported into TISALYS® can easily be edited and modified.
If you have data available in text or Excel format on tissue array spots archived in TISALYS®, you can easily import them and display them simultaneously with spot images.


During spot reviewing, you can zoom and browse into spot image. Spots images can be exported from TISALYS® into standard formats.

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Achieve comparative tissue array slides analysis

TISALYS® easily allows you to compare tissue array slides from the same TMA block, spot by spot. You can then compare various stainings or use morphology staining to facilitate interpretation of FISH or bright field stainings.
TISALYS® provides a spot image overlay tool to facilitate signal location. You can compare 2 or more spots at a time.
TISALYS® uses analysis tools that are very similar to those you use in Spot Browser® to speed up hands-on.

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Search for correlations and trends
With TISALYS®, you can import additional data such as patient clinical and biological data as well as molecular data and compare them with spot images and with your tissue array data.


Once your tissue array data are imported, TISALYS® automatically prepares your data for further statistic processing :

•  Quality assessment of results (% quantifiable spots, % staining quality.)
•  Calculation of averaged data i.e. extraction of a unique data from replicates. This calculation can be carried out by different methods: arithmetic average with or without intermediate calculation, selection of highest or lowest value...


New !

Thanks to the search interface, you can program complex searches for editing data you intend to use for a statistical analysis.

Data list is easily exported in Excel format for direct use with any commercial statistics software such as those dedicated to clinical studies.
TISALYS® provides standard statistical tools like average, standard deviation, variance, etc.

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A thorough ergonomy

The brand new version explores even more software ergonomy by proposing a navigation bar to rapidly and easily switch from one opened window to another one.

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A complete service

Depending on your needs, ALPHELYS can provide the necessary hardware required by your project and your configuration as a turn-key solution.

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact us on or call us +33 (0)1 30 07 52 95.
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TISALYS® is an ALPHELYS registered trademark.

TISALYS® is software protected by copyrights 2005-2010.

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