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 HistologyBioBankingTissue ArraysVirtual Slide 
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About us

ALPHELYS's mission is to design, develop and market innovative solutions including instruments, software and reagents for Pathology and Cytogenetics markets.

A unique concept of Integrated Solution
In research programs as well as in routine activity, one can frequently observe important losses of efficiency intimately associated to the absence of integration between the different technologies involved. Thus, one will be able to analyze a large number of samples but oppositely will be limited by its capacity to process the data generated and make conclusions. Human and financial resources will be higher for reduced result.
ALPHELYS objective is to develop top edge solutions that will allow answering to the whole problem encountered through a complete integration between all the technologies involved.
This is the unique concept of Integrated Solution.

A significant technology expertise
For many years, ALPHELYS has known to develop an important expertise in various technology domains so as to be able to design and develop Integrated Solutions. These domains are data basing and management, image acquisition, processing, archiving and distribution, sample preparation automation.
Since recently, ALPHELYS is now developing a new expertise in reagent development in partnership with renowned biomedical research institutes.
ALPHELYS R&D team head count is 9 including PhDs and software engineers specialized in image processing and data management.


A high level of laboratory needs knowledge
To maintain a high level of expertise in its domains of activity, ALPHELYS has since the beginning concentrated its efforts on 2 markets:

•  Pathology,

•  Cytogenetics.

ALPHELYS has been able to cumulate along the years a very good knowledge and understanding of laboratories needs and their evolution so to anticipate future technologies needs.
For each market, ALPHELYS's strategy is to bring Integrated Solutions.


An example of a successful Integrated Solution: the ALPHELYS Tissue Array Platform
ALPHELYS has designed 3 Integrated Solutions:

  1. Biobanking
  2. Tissue Array
  3. Virtual Pathology

The Integrated Solution for Tissue Array is the first and most completed solution developed.
Tissue Array is a technique that allows depositing on one single microscope slide a very large number of human specimen and up to a never envisaged before 1,000. Thanks to this technique, medical research could speed up biomarkers discovery and validation on large, statistically significant cohort of patients while maintaining financial and human resources to a very limited level.
For Tissue Array research, ALPHELYS has known very early in time and since 2002 to propose to the market the famous tissue array analyzer Spot Browser®. This has been completed with TMADesigner®, software that automates tissue array experiment design and MTABooster®, a retrofit kit that motorizes Beecher Instruments manual arrayer whilst reducing by over 80 % the time spent on tissue array construction.
Since early September 06, ALPHELYS has released TISALYS®, its brand new Tissue Array Date Base that provides powerful environment for images and data storage and tissue array data processing with patient data.

ALPHELYS will release soon its new MiniCore®, a new generation of automated tissue arrayer based on its proprietary and patented technology.
All products of the Tissue Array Integrated Solution are optimized to operate all together closely integrated for optimal performance, time saving and results, shorter to publication, shorter to success.

Integration will be even sublimated by providing connexion between TISALYS® and CRESALYS®, its biobank data base allowing one user to visualize tissue array data from CRESALYS® registered biosample. The Integrated Solution contributes to increase knowledge on specimens and to distribute this information to speed up biomedical research.


Economically viable solutions
ALPHELYS foresees its development in innovation and design of new products for not or poorly addressed needs.
Supply of affordable and simple to start solutions is the red line of ALPHELYS research & development strategy.
While proposing performing but yet affordable solutions, ALPHELYS facilitates access to accelerating technologies to the largest number of research and routine laboratories.
With each of its products, ALPHELYS favours functionality level more than an excessive level of performance and sophistication that always associate with cost and maintenance efforts.


Significant investments in research and development
ALPHELYS invests annually between 20 and 25 % of its turnover i.e. one of the most important ratio in biomedical research industry.
ALPHELYS is recognized as a very innovative company in France and receives since 2005 various subventions to help accelerating its research and development.

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