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Dec 10, 2009

ALPHELYS appoints BIOGEN, Sao Paulo, as its exclusive distributor in BRAZIL. To contact BIOGEN, click here.

Dec 5, 2009

ALPHELYS appoints ANDITECNICA, Medellin, as its exclusive distributor in COLOMBIA. To contact ANDITECNICA, click here.

Octobre 20, 2009

ALPHELYS Wins European Competition for Innovative Company in 2009 .
The European competition is organized by the French Junior Chamber  of Commerce
This  awards many years of great efforts of Research and Development to bring to market a n innovative platform  of technologi es to improve the effectiveness of the Cancer Research and increase the chances of cure while contributing significantly to the control Health costs.


ALPHELYS’s patent on a new tissue array construction technology is granted in New-Zeland.


ALPHELYS is granted a new patent by French Patent Office on a new technology for tissue array construction. This innovative technology simplifies, accelerates and makes tissue array automation more reliable. This technology is at the origin of MiniCore® ALPHELYS’ new semi-automated tissue arrayer. The patent should soon be granted by the European Patent Office. The patent is currently in world extension phase.


ALPHELYS and SEROA sign an exclusive agreement by which terms ALPHELYS will develop SEROA reagents business over a large region including numerous European countries and USA . ALPHELYS will also distribute SEROA's products in France in the hospital sector which was historically never prospected by SEROA.

SEROA is a Monaco based company which invented more than 20 years ago a technique called CytoScreen® for monolayer cytology (also called Liquid Based Cytology) analysis of cervix samples within the framework of tracking cervix cancer. CytoScreen® is widely used since many years in the private labs in France and particularly at Laboratoires Pasteur-Cerba, the largest European private lab.

CytoScreen® has proven its efficiency since many years against mostly American competitors. CytoScreen®, only approuved kit using centrifugation in the sample preparation, is in particular recognized for the high quality of the homogenous cells spread on the slide after preparation which is demonstrated to be much more representative than the one obtained with alternative techniques that tend to clean too much the samples and may eliminate cells which can prove important into the diagnosis.

This important agreement for both companies is completed with a distribution agreement of ALPHELYS products by SEROA in private french labs. This includes RCL2®, new alternative, non toxic formol-free solution to formulated fixatives, SnapFrost®, a -80°C liquid nitrogen-free snap-freezing system and imaging software for image capture and archiving.

Beyond these commercial agreements, it is very important long term cooperation that is engaged between ALPHELYS and SEROA during which ALPHELYS will develop, based on its various expertises in instrument design and software development, an integrated solution for liquid base cytology which will propose sample preparation automation and automated image analysis on slide.

SEROA will develop complementarily its scientific expertises to enlarge the spectrum of applications for the CytoScreen® techniques opening new perspectives of markets.


If you want more details, please contact:

Pierre CHAUMAT, President & CEO ALPHELYS, , +33 1 30 07 52 95 or
Yves BORDET, President SEROA, , +377 93 30 65 40
Eric SALLEN ,  Vice-President SEROA,, +377 93 30 65 40

ALPHELYS signs an exclusive agreement for the distribution of BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS cryostats and microtomes in France and in French speaking African countries.

The line of BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS cryostats and microtomes perfectly complements an already very dense offer of technologies for histology and pathology labs for an again increased service for our customers.

BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS is a very old english company which based its business on refrigeration expertise. Since the 50ths, BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS proposes to labs a line of cryostats and microtomes of worldwide renown reputation of quality, reliability and durability without equivalent in the world still today. It is indeed not rare to see cryostats sold 25 years before still operating every day in routine lab.

Many innovations that have made cryostats and microtomes technology evolve over time have been invented by BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS and particularly the use of beryllium in mechanical movements that brought an everlasting accuracy, section after section.

With BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS products, ALPHELYS consolidates its position into pathology labs with an always highly demanding offer in quality and performance.

If you want more details, please contact:

Pierre CHAUMAT, President & CEO ALPHELYS, , +33 1 30 07 52 95 or
Alan BRIGHT, President BRIGHT INSTRUMENTS , , +44 (0)1480 454528.

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