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June 24,2005

ALPHELYS: Capital increase and statuts transformation to SAS (société en action simplifiée).

ALPHELYS SARL proceeds to a capital increase from 16,000 to 40,000 €uros and to the transformation of its statuts from SARL to SAS.
These operations are defined within a more global strategy of structuration of the company to consolidate a very fast growth (over 45%/year since 4 years), facilitate access to venture capital and push ALPHELYS SAS to a true industrial phase of development to guarantee its durability. This consolidation will also be the opportunity to increase again the quality level of our services to our customers.

Mai 02,2005

BIOGENEX chooses ALPHELYS amongst many candidates for the distribution of its products in France.

BIOGENEX has been for over 20 years a leading company in molecular pathology. BIOGENEX designs and markets a complete range of innovative automates and associated reagents for staining and labelling in immuno-histochimie, ISH and FISH. BIOGENEX is the only company capable to supply a truly complete solution for cell and tissue testing.

Extremely active in Research and Development, BIOGENEX is at the source of numerous worldwide innovations having generated patents like antigen retrieval (1989), deparaffinization without xylene (2003), many technology innovations in slide staining and many complete detection kits, all FDA approved.

ALPHELYS takes on promotion, marketing and technical support of the whole BIOGENEX range of products including autostainers, antigen retrieval systems and reagents lines.

With an already strong presence since many years with its own products and integrated solutions for histo-pathology and molecular pathology that complement well with Biogenex's, and a reknown quality of technical support, ALPHELYS is registered like a strong asset for the development of BIOGENEX in France and intends well to put forward the technical and qualitative arguments products BIOGENEX to gain the significant shares of market.

Avr 08, 2005

ALPHELYS has signed an agreement with CELBIO for the distribution of its technologies in ITALY.
CELBIO is undoubtfully one of the major distributors in ITALY for life sciences with sales team based in all cities of the country and with a solid support team.
CELBIO has been demonstrating its skills in the markets of molecular and cellular (with EuroClone) biology during numerous years.
The distribution of the innovative solutions from ALPHELYS constitute a real opportunity to build a major position in the Pathology market in which CELBIO is already positioned with the distribution of the laser micro dissectors from the leading American company ARCTURUS INC, products also distributed by ALPHELYS in France.
The co-existence of these two product lines in the range of CELBIO does constitute a true add-on value to customers being so proposed complete and integrated solutions, the concept that leads ALPHELYS strategy.
Feb 17, 2005

ALPHELYS has signed an agreement under which BIODYNAMICS will distribute ALPHELYS technologies in GREECE.
Founded in 1984, BIODYNAMICS has become on of the largest distributors in GREECE in the supply of instruments and reagents of high added value in the markets of diagnosis, genetic, biotechnologies, environmental and food testing as well as pharmaceutical research.
BIODYNAMICS employs more than 40 highly trained and dedicated people for high scientific and technical content sales of the best level.
With BIODYNAMICS strong representation and reputation, ALPHELYS expects to confirm its lead in the Pathology market for niche applications like tissue arrays, image analysis and virtual slide processing. BIODYNAMICS counts to confirm its leading position in the Greek pathology market with ALPHELYS integrated solutions.
Jan 15, 2005

AKER UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL of OSLO (Norway) acquires the CRESALYS® data base for the management of the Prostate Cancers tumour bank at the end of a European call for tender.
CRESALYS® objective will be to manage the tumours and derived products bank together with a large number of clinical and evolutionary data from the patients and this, at short term, at the national level. The richness of the annotations and the delivery of a fully parametered solution at T0 were the main arguments that lead to the acquisition of CRESALYS®.
CRESALYS® lies within a broader acquisition of a complete Platform for the construction and analysis of Tissue Arrays based on MTABooster® and the imaging workstation SPOT BROWSER® and which will be started in March.
This is really this concept of INTEGRATED SOLUTION that allured AKER UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Team because it guarantees a perfect tracking of samples and ensures the full exploitation of the tools into the biomedical research programs based on Tissue Arrays.
Dec 01, 2004

ALPHELYS sign an agreement with WESTBURG BV for the distribution of its technologies in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
WESTBURG BV is a solid company created in 1984 and which has developed a strong reputation based on quality of its support and services, match between customer needs and proposed solution as well as by bringing innovative solution to customer.
WESTBURG BV is based in Netherlands and owns local resources in each of the country regarded by the distribution agreement to provide an optimal and close sales and technical support within short response time.
WESTBURG BV knew to demonstrate its skills in the market of molecular biology during numerous years. The distribution of the innovative solutions from ALPHELYS constitute a real opportunity to build a major position in the Pathology market in which WESTBURG is already positioned with the distribution of the laser microdissectors from the leading American company ARCTURUS INC, products also distributed by ALPHELYS in France.
The co-existence of these two product lines in the range of WESTBURG does constitute a true add-on value to customers being so proposed complete and integrated solutions, the concept that leads ALPHELYS strategy.
Jun 15, 2004

ALPHELYS and PETAGEN sign an agreement for the exclusive distribution of PETAGEN's tissue array slides PETA® Arrays and AccuMax® Arrays in France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and, on a non-exclusive base, Switzerland.
PETAGEN slides are well known for their fabrication quality and the care given to the information package supplied with the slides.
PETAGEN slides cover a large range of cancerous and non cancerous pathologies and also include normal tissues and controls.
With this range of tissue array slides, ALPHELYS completes progressively its strategy of integrated solution for the tissue array market with a strong position thanks to technologies and software that allow or will allow users to be taken care of from tissue array design at the lab (TMADesigner®), through tissue array construction (Beecher Instruments Tissue Arrayers), slide staining, tissue array image analysis (SPOT BROWSER®) and finally TISALYS® data base for the compilation and processing of tissue array data and images. TISALYS® will be an integrated module of CRESALYS®, the tumour bank and biological collections management data base designed by ALPHELYS .

Jun 10, 2004

ALPHELYS and ADVALYTIX sign an agreement for the exclusive distribution of ADVALYTIX's SlideBooster® IHC and FISH incubator in France.
ADVALYTIX has invented a very innovative and performing technology for the agitation of small volumes during incubation in IHC and FISH staining procedures.
This new technique brings in numerous benefits including strongly reduced quantity of required reagents, strongly reduced incubation duration and much higher contrast of staining for a more reliable and easier diagnostic.
With this new technology, ALPHELYS intend to complete its range of high content products for histology and pathology.

Jan 15, 2004

ALPHELYS introduces the new evolution of its tissue array analyzer SPOT BROWSER® V2e Evolution. This evolution brings in new functionnalities that speed up and ease the analysis of your tissue arrays. This evolution is available as an update CD, free for all systems installed less than a year ago.
This latest update mainly proposes :
- rapid motorized focus on all standard microscopes
- a more powerful and precise image analysis procedure for immunostainings
- a new export function for the images and data from the analysis under various formats to comply with different environments of data processing.
Read more about SPOT BROWSER® V2e.
Jan 1, 2004

The french market demand for the new image analysis and patient data management software GENIKON for cytogenetics labs is strongly increasing.
Installations of GENIKON systems are already undergoing after its recent introduction in the french market.
To respond to sales and after-sales support needs, ALPHELYS has recruted Christophe ROUSSEAU as a product specialist in cytogenetics imaging. Christophe ROUSSEAU has a strong expertise in cytogenetics imaging and a good understanding of cytogenetics labs needs through his experience at VYSIS and ADGENIX (Montigny-le-bretonneux, France).
Christophe ROUSSEAU will also be in charge of the France North-West sales area.
To contact Christophe ROUSSEAU.
Oct 15, 2003

Audrey BOENS joined ALPHELYS as the product specialist for GENOTECH proteomic reagents line and PHORETIX 1D and 2D gel analysis software. She was formely marketing specialist at MWG-BIOTECH, (Les Ulis, France) and antibodies sales specialist at ABCYS (Paris, France).
Audrey BOENS will also be in charge of Nort-East France sales area.
To contact Audrey BOENS.
Jan 11, 2002

ALPHELYS increases its presence on the field with new sales engineers to respond to a strongly demanding and growing market.
Two new sales ingineers are now completing the existing team and will be in charge of the reagents activity development and particularly the proteomic line of reagents and kits from GENOTECH.
With a stronger team, ALPHELYS intends to increase its presence on the market of the molecular pathology and proteomics with an again improved service and tech support that build our reputation.
Jan 10,2002

ALPHELYS increases its premises and now proposes a new environment for demonstration of its technologies.
We will be pleased to welcome you for dedicated demonstration. Contact us to arrange a meeting.
Aug 8, 2002

ALPHELYS and GENO TECHNOLOGIES INC signed a collaboration agreement for the marketing of GENOTECH proteomic kits in France.
GENOTECH products are well known in the US and certainly recognized as the best offer for protein preparation and analysis.
GENOTECH offer the most complete range of kits for protein extraction, purification, analysis, modification, etc., et have a signficant R&D activity in the US for new products development.
This new agreement brings to ALPHELYS an extra " reagents " dimension that compliments the offer of ARCTURUS kits for DNA and RNA extraction and amplification from microdissecats. ALPHELYS offer is now really global and efficient with instruments, reagents, software (among them Phoretix 2D for 2D gel analysis) and data base.
After signature of similar agreements in Germany and UK, the collaboration agreement with ALPHELYS allows GENOTECH to benefit from now of a strong european distribution base for premimum customer sales and tech support.
Feb 15, 2002

ALPHELYS and NON LINEAR DYNAMICS signed an agreement of distribution for the marketing of Phoretix ® and TotalLab® electrophoresis gel analysis software in France. This software is recognized like most powerful and most didactic at use of all the current proposal of the market. Flexible devices and very functional at the same time, Non Linear Dynamics software makes it possible to answer a large range of reuiqrements, from the simplest to the needs for very high throughput. The software is available with data base version to facilitate the simple or complex requests within lots of gel analysis data over a long period of experimentation to evaluate assumptions and to improve research projects orientations.
The research projects into genomic and proteomic generate quantities of significant data. The software Non Linear Dynamics brings precision, ease-of-use and processing capability for highly reliable results.
Feb 15, 2002

ALPHELYS and CHEMOMETEC A/S signed a collaboration agreement for the marketing of NucleoCounter® in France, a new generation of maintenance free cell counter.
Strong of an expertise at food microbiology, CHEMOMETEC A/S designed an extremely simple to use instrument for the counting of eucaryote cells, the NucleoCounter®. Based on the use of counting cartridge, NucleoCounter® eliminates the need for maintenance and cleaning for reduced operation costs. Limited handling guarantees high accuracy and reproducibility. Its low purchase cost, easy of startup and use and its compactness make it an ideal choice for the labs whioch cannot afford complex and costive flow cytometers.
NucleoCounter® is currently available for viability counting with propidium iodide and will see soon its capabilities increased (Cy3, Cy5) to expand its market to new drug research areas.
July 4, 2002

ALPHELYS and NIKON FRANCE SA signed a collaboration agreement for the marketing in France of the GENIKON suite of software for cytogenetics. The GENIKON software constitute a new alternative for the microscopic analysis in cytogenetics to the currently available solutions which tend not to renew and evolve.
GENIKON brings innovations with particularly the proposal of patient data bases integrated for a more efficient clinical data management and processing.
GENIKON proposes today solutions for caryotyping (R, G, Q banding) with a very well performing chromosome splitting tool, for FISH, for M-FISH and CGH.
ALPHELYS et NIKON FRANCE SA have extended also their collaboration to the supply by ALPHELYS of complete microscope image analysis workstation for histology and cytology for which ALPHELYS propose a full range of flexible and powerful software solutions.
This collaboration allows ALPHELYS to supply turn-key solutions for guaranteed customer satisfaction.
Mar 20, 2002

ALPHELYS and MICROVISION SA signed a collaboration agreement for the marketing of the MICROVISION software suite for Life Sciences laboratories, particularly in histology and cytology, in France and worldwide where ALPHELYS's network and in-depth knowledge of the market will participate signficantly to the growth of the sales of these products.
The collaboration between ALPHELYS and MICROVISION allows also the development of new software based on specifications collected as a result of ALPHELYS's team prospection efforts. Among these new products, SPOT BROWSER® is an automated microscope image analysis workstation for tissue arrays which software was designed exclusively for ALPHELYS by MICROVISION.
Other new products are currently being developed, particularly for pathology labs.
This new collaboration is strongly expanding ALPHELYS's offer and will allow a more fully integrated marketing approach, more efficient for the customers.
April 20, 2002

ALPHELYS and STOELTING CO signed a collaboration agreement for marketing in France of Quixell®, an automated instrument for the picking and distribution of single or aggregated live cells in culture into various formats of containers like microtiter plate, Petri dish, Terazaki plate, etc. for cloning or targeted experimentation of specific biological parameters. This new technology makes it possible to accelerate the research of the drugs and the understanding of diseases such as cancer.
Feb 15, 2002  

To answer its requirements of growth, ALPHELYS settles in new buildings in Plaisir, Yvelines, close to Versailles. In an ancient renovated farm, ALPHELYS now has means of reception, storage, meeting and seminar. The new buildings are very easily accessible at the same time by the road network (20 mn of PARIS by A13) that by the train network, 2 mn by foot from the train station of Plaisir-Grignon (30 mn of SNCF railway station Paris-Montparnasse). Do not hesitate to come to visit us, we will be happy to accomodate you!
Feb 15, 2002

To facilitate its development on the international markets, AMELYS changes name for ALPHELYS, name AMELIS being already retained by a company which made the recording little time before AMELYS. The renaming proved to be necessary in order to avoid any confusion.
Dec 19, 2001

December 19, 2001 in an extraordinary general assemblée of the shareholders, the associates in plenary assembly ratified an increase in the capital of AMELYS limited liability company thus changing it to 16.000 Euros. The associates intend to carry gradually the own capital stocks of the company to a significant amount for the financial and commercial partners all while maintaining a legal structure simple, reactive and not expensive to operate. The associates show by this new issue of capital little time after the creation of the company their conviction and supplements adhesion in the strategy and the solutions under consideration by AMELYS.

Feb 11, 2001

AMELYS and ARCTURUS Inc, leader of the laser microdissection in the world, signed a long term agreement of commercial partnership for the development of the marketing activities, commercial and support in France, Belgium and Switzerland French-speaking people. Because of the long expertise of AMELYS team in laser microdissection, this agreement also envisages moreover crossed actions for the European development of ARCTURUS.
This agreement corresponds to ARCTURUS new strategy to get closer to the European market with noticeably a direct settlement as ARCTURUS GmbH in Germany which will add its efforts to the already existing subsidiary in UK operating since 4 years now.
This German subsidiary company will become from 2002 the headquarters of ARCTURUS in Europe and will propose in particular a center for training to the techniques of laser microdissection and microgenomic (extraction/purification and amplification of DNAs/RNAs and staining).
A French subsidiary company must also be born in partnership with AMELYS which will ensure the commercial deals and administrative of them. By signing this agreement, ARCTURUS Inc reaffirms its policy of "customer first" and strategy of specialist in microgenomic by choosing a partner who intends to be with the height of these new scientific challenges, technical and commercial thanks to a team which has since the beginning assured the support ARCTURUS in FRANCE.

Oct 23, 2001

INSTRUMEDICS Inc and AMELYS signed an agreement of exclusive distribution for France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, certain countries of the Middle East and the countries of French-speaking Africa. INSTRUMEDICS Inc is an active American company in the development of small equipments and reagents for the histology dedicated to genomic and proteomic. INSTRUMEDICS Inc brings in particular innovative solutions, for the high-speed biopsy freezing for a better preservation of its components, for the mounting of ultra-fine unmelted frozen sections, for the mounting of unfolded, unteared ultra-fine parafin sections and for the protection of operators at the microtome and cryostat.
Oct 18, 2001

BEECHER INSTRUMENTS and AMELYS signed an agreement of exclusive distribution for France and Belgium. BEECHER INSTRUMENTS Inc is an American company which invented the TISSUE ARRAY by coring blocks of tumours and re-assembling in a new block allowing for high-speed analysis of hundreds of tumours at costs and times defying any competition. TISSUE ARRAY constitutes a paramount stage in the search for new drugs and tools of diagnostic in the validation of the therapeutic, diagnostic and prognostic targets in the high throughput programs of genomic and proteomic or in fundamental research. With BEECHER INSTRUMENTS Inc, AMELYS affirms its innovative positionning in the drug research and diagnostics. AMELYS considers the development of solutions complementary to the technology of TISSUE ARRAY facilitating its exploitation in particular on the ground of the analysis of the slides and data.
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