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The New Line of ALPHELYS High Performances Solutions for Imaging
For over 5 years, ALPHELYS has been developing and supplying image capture and analysis software which undisputed success is based on a single objective: give the best service with the best price/quality ratio within budgets accessible to the vast majority of labs.

ALPHELYS’ software solutions are well known for their high functionalities content.

This is on this basis that ALPHELYS introduces today a complete new range of image digitizing, archiving, reviewing and analysis software. This new range’s heart is GoodSpeed® high speed digitization platform.

Structured on a high quality microscope, GoodSpeed® proposes decisive arguments of flexibility, functionality and a very advantageous ratio investment/performance for your lab.

Images and slides can be processed with different software solutions upon your needs:
• archiving, reviewing, sharing and analysis with INAVEO®
• analysis of tissue array slides with Spot Browser® 3
• archiving and processing of tissue array images and results data with TISALYS®.

With INAVEO®, ALPHELYS proposes now a new line of image data bases.

INAVEO® is an images and virtual slides data base which can exploit images either captured by GoodSpeed® or by different means, diverse cameras, but also scanners like the NanoZoomer from HAMAMATSU.

To answer various needs and fit different budgets, INAVEO® is proposed in 2 versions.
Version SF Single Frame which is dedicated to images limited to 12 Millions pixels.
Version VS Virtual Slide which can host images of any size and particularly virtual slides.

As a simple and economical solution, INAVEO® can be associated with OneSHOT®, the new image capture software.

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