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Tissue Array
OneShot®, Multipurpose Image Capture Software
Make image capture a simple and user-friendly operation
OneSHOT® is image capture software developed by ALPHELYS to answer your most simple routine needs of capturing images at day and time you need it.
OneSHOT® proposes a simple and intuitive user interface that eases rapid kick-off and routine use without need for extensive initial training or after a long period of non-use.
Improve your images before archiving
OneSHOT® proposes a set of tools to improve your images before archiving them: intensity, light, contrast, sharpness.
Archive your images in a secured and well organized environment
Captured images can be saved on the hard disk as well as any hard support along your organization.
Alternatively, you can also automatically save your images into a dedicated Image Data Base INAVEO® SF. Management and access to your images are secured and you can easily share your images through network and internet.
INAVEO® SF is a data base designed and developed by ALPHELYS.
It allows archiving, annotating and consulting any types of images.
Annotations can be directly on the image as well as associated to the image file like Patient file.
Query interface allows multi-criteria images search

INAVEO® SF can be used as a local application or as a networked application to set a centralized image data base for your laboratory.
Each user will be allowed to archive his images and to define then the restrictions of access to them to all other users.
INAVEO® SF is limited to archiving images of size below or equal to 12 millions pixels. If you wish to manage larger images or virtual slides, you can choose or update your INAVEO® SF with the version VS.
For more details about INAVEO®, don’t
hesitate to contact us and to consult our web site regularly.
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My first tissue arrays analyzer

Tissue arrays analysis is clearly a tedious, long and costive task, manpower consuming, which frequently don't have.

Since 2002, ALPHELYS proposes Spot Browser® 1 and then 2, the automated microscope based tissue arrays analyzer for seamless analysis while keeping perfect traceability. The generation Spot Browser® 3 is coming soon now.

Although prices are maintained at the lowest level, Spot Browser® System still remains a significant budget for a laboratory.

If your budget is limited, if you are just starting in tissue arrays, if you work on low
density tissue arrays. INAVEO® SF there is an economical solution for you.
You can create a low cost tissue arrays analysis station with the following components:
- OneSHOT® for spot image capture
- TISALYS®, ALPHELYS tissue arrays data base for archiving, reviewing, annotating and processing of tissue array data
- Digital camera to be installed on your microscope.

In this operation mode, OneSHOT® proposes information fields to be filled in by user at time of spot image capture, particularly to identify TMA slide as well as spot position before actually and automatically registering the image into TISALYS®.

This low cost station will render a big service by its simplicity of use and speed in action.
While your project will evolve as well as your budget capacity, you will be entitled to upgrade this station to the automated and integrated Spot Browser® 3 System.
Don’t hesitate to contact us

to discuss details and obtain a quote.
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OneSHOT® is an extremely economical tool to facilitate images sharing for distant diagnosis and particularly distant ex-temporaneous diagnosis can make you save a lot of time by allowing you to observe the slide remotely from your desk or from any internet connected computer.
To know more about this configuration,
Evolutionary software
As for all ALPHELYS products, OneSHOT® will evolve and improve. More functionality will allow you to do more things into the same software like fluorescence capture or cartographic (mosaic) capture with a manual, encoded or motorized stage upon budgets and needs, imaging tools, etc…
Do not forget to purchase the update program for additional 2 years after the first year of warranty. This will guarantee that your software will be maintained at the best level of functionalities and performances.
You want a feature that is not represented today? Let us know about your need on you may see it very soon into your software!
We have a perfect understanding of imaging hardware to advise you at best upon your needs whether microscopes, motorization, camera…are considered.
Technical specifications

OneShop® operates under Windows only, 2000 and superior.

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