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Tissue Array
INAVEO® Virtual Slide:
A powerful image Data Base for your virtual slides.
INAVEO® : a data base for all of your images
INAVEO® is a data base developed by ALPHELYS and dedicated to management of Life Sciences images. It allows images archiving, management, reviewing and analysis in local as well as in network mode.

Images may be of different formats and sizes up to gigaoctets and from various hardware sources as described below.

INAVEO® secures images management, centralizes access to and simplifies backup and use.

INAVEO® is proposed in two versions:
INAVEO® VS is the most sophisticated version. It proposes management of any type and size of images including virtual slides.
INAVEO® SF is a less powerful version and is limited to images of 12 millions pixels and lower. Version SF can be upgraded any time to Version VS with the growth of your needs and particularly to benefit from virtual slide management.

In addition, these two versions benefit from the same features to the exclusion of image analysis assisted by artificial intelligence which is only available with Version VS.

As a strong argument, the two versions process all the images the same way when imported into the data base. It has a direct impact on the quantity of files that flows through network when you review the images. Viewing is faster and more fluid. Your network is less saturated by image transfer.
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Import of any types of images
INAVEO® VS proposes a user interface that allows importing images of any formats and any sizes from the local drives or network, or from external storage devices like CD, DVD, DLT cassette…
Import routine allows to define traceability data and to rename images. Images may be imported in batch.
Secured and organized archiving fo virtual slides for your scanner
INAVEO® VS possesses the capacity to host images of any types and any sizes.
Scanners available on the market can digitize rapidly hundreds of slides and generate quality images. However, most of them store images simply on hard drive, under Windows folders. This approach of storage turns rapidly complex to handle with numbers of digitized slides. Recovering slides images become more complex and integrity and security of your images are not guaranteed.
Possibilities of annotations are frequently restricted as well as multi-criteria images search.
INAVEO® VS can host your virtual slides into a secured and protective environment with a high level of functionality for their use and analysis.
INAVEO® VS can be connected to other external data bases like LIMS, Patient data bases…to link images with a complete set of data.
INAVEO® VS can be provided with various plug-ins to handle the different formats of images from market available scanners. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.
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A strongly reduced network load even for the largest images
Labs networks are frequently limited and saturated by multiple uses, including the demanding images transfers. These images can be originated from simple camera field but with very high resolution cameras, images size may reach rapidly mega octets making them difficult and slow to consult through network and even more emails and internet.
With a proprietary algorithm, INAVEO® VS processes images in a way that makes them easy to transfer and browse through regular networks.

With INAVEO® VS, all of your images will be easily and readily shared through any network even if yours is saturated.
Organize images archive upon your needs
Images can be organized in INAVEO® the way you need it by creating folders that can be Individual (Patient, animal, …), project, experience, study…
Access to images is restricted upon owner/lab/image bank and user name.
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Access to your images and annotations is secured

Access to INAVEO® session is protected by login and password. INAVEO® administrator may create users associated with labs. Each image is attached to an image bank and an owner that is solely authorized to define access rights to his images by other users.
User profile allows defining access rights to different images banks. Private Patients data can be managed in INAVEO® and protected to reading by unauthorized users.
Access to images import can also be restricted whether it is through import module or through GoodSpeed®

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An efficient ergonomics for images browsing

Images of any size can be consulted. User is proposed tools that allow actual browsing in images whatever their size even the largest that come from a high resolution camera.
For each image, INAVEO® VS calculates automatically virtual magnifications available for browsing from capture resolution. You will then preserve the way you are observing images at your microscope.
You also have 3 displays when consulting images: complete image, intermediate image and detailed view. All of them are synchronized in X-Y position and magnification on the image.

Different magnifications can be available upon capture magnification. You can as an example browse into an image at 60X while having the intermediate view at 20X.
A virtual magnifying glass gives additional zoom option on localized zone.
At last, INAVEO® VS proposes to create points of interest. When you browse into the image, you may be interested to particularly register positions: points of interest. For each of those points, an image is captured and position recorded so that you can easily come back to any of the points of interest found and recorded. A slide show can be created from a mouse click.
Points of interest reduce the need for changing frequently observation magnification, particularly at high power
- Virtual magnifying glass -
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- Full screen consulting -
Written and audio annotations on your images
INAVEO® VS allows creating annotations written on the image. X-Y-Z position and magnification are registered for each annotation. A comment can be entered and saved.
Annotation may be a legend, a drawing, and a measurement.
Consultation of annotations can be restricted by password.
The complete list of annotations is accessible at the screen and each annotation can be displayed or hidden.
Documents of various formats can be attached with each annotation including audio reports.
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A large flexibility in annotations definition

INAVEO® VS will soon propose the possibility to create annotations fields upon user needs and to choose the desire format: integer, decimal, drop-down list…
User will select the fields to display according to criteria of projects and interfaces.

Complimentary data import

The same way as TISALYS®, ALPHELYS’ tissue array data base, INAVEO® VS will allow automated import of complimentary data. ALPHELYS import interface allows defining correspondence tables between internal fields and data to be imported. In addition, the import interface can analyze the data to be imported to define automatically the format of the fields to create. The interface registers the correspondence tables for later uses.

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Connexion with external data bases

Links with external data bases and particularly Patient data base could be created to facilitate access to images from Patient data bases as well as creation of new patients in INAVEO® and import demographic data to associate images.

Images search
Images can be searched into the data base with the multi-criteria query interface.
Result of the search is displayed. Thumbnails are available for faster identification of the desired images.
Most of the annotations will be fully searchable.
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Image analysis assisted by artificial intelligence
INAVEO® VS is proposed as a standard with morphometric and signal quantitation tools.
INAVEO® will soon propose as an option a software package for quantitative image analysis with user-defined protocols. The same method is already proposed into Spot Browser® 2 since many years with success with publications in New England Journal of Medicine and Sciences.
By 2007, ALPHELYS will introduce a truly innovative solution for the detection of biological structures assisted by artificial intelligence.
Note that this option is only available with INAVEO® VS.
Conference mode: do not restrict your job because of distances
With this mode, an INAVEO® VS computer connected in network can be named Master. All the other connected computers will be named clients. Then, all clients will visualize on their screen the same images that are displayed on Master’s screen, images and annotations.
A group of people in different locations can by this way be trained, or share a diagnosis in remote staff meeting or again use this tool to do image based conferencing in research programs
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Storage space and network load optimization

Archiving images, and particularly of high resolution, is extremely demanding in storage space.
Growth of storage space is so rapid that it frequently creates management difficulties from the IT teams.
INAVEO® VS proposes a tool that allows user to adjust compression rate of imported images upon the anticipated use from high quality for quantitative imaging down to lower resolution for simple viewing at screen. Size of the image can be reduced by a factor of up to 30 times.
You can then preserve the benefits of using virtual slides while limiting the impacts on your network and storage servers facility.

A guarantee of traceability
Each imported image is identified by a unique number that is created by the data base.
It is coming with all data essential to the image like:
• Digitization operator
• date
• slide ID
• slide owner
• images bank
• image resolution, total digitized area…
Each of those data will be attached to the virtual slide into the image data base
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Technical specifications

INAVEO® VS operates under Windows only, version 2000, XP and superior.
INAVEO® VS is a client-server application. Tests are undergoing on Windows Terminal Server.
The database is FireBird which can manage easily many terra octets. Firebird operates under Windows and Unix .

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